Skinny Fox Detox – Social Book Launch Journey: Ep 3

Launch Buddy!

Oh how I’ve missed you! I hope you had an amazing Valentine’s day and President’s day weekend. I know I did! We are chugging right along with our tasks and getting some amazing goodies set up for our upcoming Launch Email campaign. Make sure you get your friends to sign up for the mailing list too by sending them here!

Book Launch Journey Episodes
If you missed Book Launch Journey: Episode’s 1 & 2, you can watch them here!

Click on the image below to watch Book Launch Journey: Episode 3

I just finished my new years detox! Yay! And I feel wonderful! By drinking this delicious organic tea, Skinny Fox Detox for 28 day’s, I was able to — Oh, you almost got me. LOL. You’ll have to watch the video to hear my results! 

Because I appreciate your love and support, I’m giving you my personal discount code to get 10% OFF of your Skinny Fox Detox purchase! Trust me, you’ll be so happy you did!

Click HERE and enter the code below.


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