Book Launch Journey: Episode 2

Book Launch Journey: Episode 2

Hey everyone! If you haven’t heard by now, I am launching my 1st book! Scary and amazing all rolled into 1. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR THE BOOK MAILING LIST HERE

If you’re on the east coast, I hope you’re warm and safe! All we need now is a hot crackling fireplace. While the wind howled and the snow blew, I recorded Book Launch Journey: Episode 2! (Oop, did I make a rhyme?!)

Book Launch Journey Episodes
If you missed Book Launch Journey: Episode 1, you can watch it here!

Click on the image below to watch Book Launch Journey: Episode 2

BLJ Ep 2 - Youtube logo 4

Watch the video to see if we accomplished some of our important tasks for the week!

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I can’t wait to hear from you! If you enjoyed the video or want me to answer your questions, please leave a comment. I’ll try to address as many as I can in the next episode!

Share your thoughts and feedback in our Secret Book Launch Community!

Take On Innovation and enjoy,



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