Meet The Author: Part 3

Meet The Author: Part 3 – Meet the Characters

Watch the 1st and 2nd Meet The Author videos.

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Meet the Characters

Leading Female and Male Characters

  1. Who is this urban Romeo & Juliet?
  2. What deep personal issues do they have?
  3. How will these issues affect each other?

Remember these are 3 questions I had  when I developed my main characters? Meet our urban Romeo & Juliet and a couple of our supporting characters below.

Our leading female character is a seemingly naive, and gullible young lady but smart, family oriented, head strong, adventurous and defiant. She is on a quest for answers too deep for her sheltered and limited understanding, but it doesn’t stop her from searching for the truth.

I gave her a very similar background to my own. Born in Queens, NY, raised in New Jersey, granddaughter of ministers, good education, sheltered from the streets yet yearning to break free to find a path of her own. She knows there is a dark family secret and she won’t stop, not even when her life is in danger.

Our leading female characters name is Ruby.

Our leading male character experiences what many young men in poor urban communities experience; Limited working and education opportunities, low pay, a dream to leave their neighborhood, a struggle between living life on the straight and narrow or making unfortunate decisions to obtain freedom and happiness.

Romeo had a rough upbringing and has a very strained relationship with his family. He feel ostracized and outcast.  In his experiences of devastation and betrayal, it is easy to  relate to his pain. But, no matter how many times luck seems to evade him, Ruby, a single jewel glistening at the end of his tunnel, gives him hope that all is not lost. Love can certainly dwell in the dark.

Our leading male characters name is Sean.

Supporting Characters

Because I developed Ruby’s character to be naive and sheltered, I had to give her a counterpart who could lead, mentor and comfort her throughout her journey for the truth. I needed this character to be close to her, familiar, fun, yet protective. This was the best opportunity to portray the closeness between family.

I created my 1st supporting character, Ruby’s cousin– Sheila.

As I began to develop more of my supporting characters, I broke down their origins, their beginnings and ultimately their mini stories. While doing that I molded other smaller characters into their stories and embarked upon a domino effect of main and supporting character development.


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